Covid19 – Crisis exit plan by Institut Sante : The French case

Download the crisis exit plan here



How are we going to organize the reopening of businesses, schools, universities, public places after the peak of the Covid19 epidemic? Will social life be as it was before?

Addressing these issues in the heart of the fight against the epidemic, when intensive care services are saturated in certain regions seems indecent to some. It would put the economy before Health, almost neglecting human life. In fact, it’s essential!

The passing of the epidemic peak and the relative relief of efforts in hospital services will not mean a return to normal life. With a minority of the population immunized, we are far from the threshold of group immunity. There is therefore a long way to go before this objective is reached.

Considering that our exit from this crisis is long term (which is counted in months rather than weeks), if we miss the exit of the current collective lockdown, the human, economic and social tribute will undoubtedly be greater than what we have known for the past two months. Without a strong and clear strategic line and roadmap for all, our country, our society risks sinking into tragic moments. Without popular support from this strategic line, the plan to end the crisis will fail. It is therefore necessary to debate it now and participate actively in its implementation.

The Health Institute has conducted transdisciplinary research since the beginning of 2018 on the reformation of the French health system, leading to a program published in November 2019[1]. We have underlined the urgency of making public health a priority of reforms for a sector that will be the most strategic of the 21st century and on which our country has assets to emerge among the leaders.

It seemed to us useful to draw on the network of expertise that the Health Institute has established to set up a crisis exit plan; the health, economic and social challenges of which are colossal. I warmly thank everyone who helped to build this plan.

This plan is also intended to be a message of hope, of optimism for a better world, of regaining control of our destiny so badly affected by this crisis!


Frederic Bizard

President of Health Institute


Download the crisis exit plan here